Stop Smoking Right Now for only $10 a DAY!!

And Other Things You Can Do With Your Money Instead of Buy Cigarettes
Most smokers at this juncture in their economic lives wish they had never started smoking. The harsh reality is that cigarettes have been a poor man’s luxury for decades, but now that we are all poor, almost everything is a luxury. Food. Electicity. Running Water. Breathable Air. Each of these are luxuries that we are squandering away, and paying more for on a daily basis. There comes a time in a responsible adults life when he or she needs to make a sensible sacrifice, and the most sensible sacrifice is the one that is currently killing you the fastest. You should quit voting Repu… I mean, you should quit smoking immediately.

I’m From the Government, And I Am Here to Help!
Sure, we have all thought the government was on our side at some point in our lives, but sooner or later, we notice an odd trend–our viewpoint begins to differ with the government. In the case of quitting smoking, the government has a vested self interest in your continued smoking, which is why we are still permitted to smoke. The tax dollars that cigarettes and tobacco products deposit on an annual basis in our Federal Government’s coffer is far and above the tax dollars from, let’s say, chewing gum. Since our country was founded on a for-profit basis as a place to grow tobacco, this has been a millstone around our governments neck for 3 centuries, so the Federal Government has a hard time being objective about our nation’s coronary and pulmonary health.

“Only $10 a Day? Tell ’em How It Works, Rod Roddy!”

Like many people, I smoked for decades after high school.  Back in the Golden Days 0f smoking, (1980’s) where cigarette companies were REALLY trying to put out superior product at a low cost, Camel Wides used to cost a DOLLAR per pack. Now that same pack of cigarettes ( with the new fire retardant paper, which is acidic and really makes the cigarette taste terrible) costs over $5.00. With gasoline on its way over $5.00 per gallon and milk well over $5.00 per gallon, it would seem that cigarettes would be the LAST thing you would need to waste a five spot on. Simply put, if you choose not to smoke anymore, you will be saving $5.00 a day. If you keep smoking, it will cost you $10.00 a day. That is a $15.00 swing in your direction, EVERY DAY.

The Key to Quitting Smoking Revealed at Last!

Find something you can do 20 times a day. Use it to replace the smoking of a cigarette. Make it last at least 3-5 minutes, and make it have some purpose, but it has to be doable 20 times per day. Little things, like snapping a rubber band for a few minutes whenever you crave a cigarette do not WORK. Neither does shifting pocket change.  By making a meaningful hobby that you can do 20 times a day, such as memorizing Journey songs, or working on old math problems, you have managed to occupy your brain for the 3-5 minutes and take the pressure off smoking the cigarette. Snapping a rubber band against your arm just makes you WANT a CIGARETTE.