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If you smoke, the chances are that you really wish you didn’t. You’ll be hoping to follow the lead of more than half of adult smokers – and quitting smoking once and for all. Quitting smoking isn’t an easy thing to do, but millions of people have mastered it, and if they can, you can – right? Follow these quitting smoking tips to increase your chances of success and help to stack the odds in your favor.

Top Tips to Quit Smoking

      • Smoking ALL cigarettes is bad – don’t try to fool yourself that if you smoke low tar cigarettes, filtered cigarettes or lights then you’ll be okay, ‘cos all cigarettes are bad for you, and that’s a fact.
      • Think about why you want to quit smoking and write it down – there’s probably more than one reason you know that it would be a good idea to quit smoking. Things like getting control of your life back (cigarettes do start to rule your life before you even realize it), things like improving your health, thinks like setting a good example to your children and protecting them from having to breathe in your smoke, things like saving some money instead of seeing it go up in smoke every day.
      • Realize the difficulties in quitting smoking and be ready for them – the problem with smoking cigarettes is that the nicotine within them is addictive, that’s what makes it so difficult to stop.  There are lots of different aids which can help you to quit smoking (nicotine gum, patches etc) but these can only help to make it a little easier for you, stopping smoking is still difficult and will take all of your will-power.

    • Quitting smoking is the single most important step you can take to live a longer, healthier life. Millions of people have already cracked it, so although it’s difficult, if they can do it so can you – take heart from that.
    • Help to quit smoking is available – so if you need it, take it.  There are loads of support programs around to help you to stop smoking, have a word with your doctor or dentist to point you in the right direction.
    • Think about the rewards stopping smoking brings – some of these rewards happen almost instantaneously, others will take a little longer, but all are well worth the effort of quitting smoking – your breath will smell better, your teeth will lose their stains and gradually become whiter, your clothes and hair will smell fresh instead of stale and smokey, the yellow stains on your fingers and fingernails will gradually disappear, your food will start to smell and taste better, normal everyday activities will become easier – you won’t get so out of breath climbing the stairs or sweeping the yard.
    • Calculate the cost of smoking – smoking doesn’t just cost your health and well-being, it also costs a packet. Calculate how much money you spend on the dreaded cigarettes, and then save the same amount of money each day in a jar and see how it adds up. You’ll be able to treat yourself or your family with something special in no time at all. If you spend around $5 per day on cigarettes you’ll save more than $1800 per year – just think of all the great ways you can enjoy that money. You could even treat yourself to an iPad or a Kindle in just a few short months.
    • Reduce your alcohol intake – steady on a minute, isn’t that going a little too far. The problem is that as you drink more alcohol your resolve becomes weaker and you’re more likely to stray from your chosen path, especially if any of your drinking buddies smoke.
    • Cut down on caffeine – coffee and cigarettes kind of go together, so if you’re hoping to quit smoking then it’ll be harder for you to resist when you’re having your morning cuppa’. Try drinking more fruit juices or just plain ol’ water until you’ve cracked the smoking habit.
    • Change your habits – if you generally light up outside at break time with your work buddies, then don’t go and stand outside with them and torture yourself, keep well away and find another way to relax during breaks.
    • Accept help to quit smoking – build yourself a support network of people who will really try to help you stop smoking, anybody who loves you should be only too willing to support you, that way, when the going gets tough (and it will get tough, make no mistake about it) you can phone someone for an encouraging chat.

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