How to Quit Smoking Links

So you wanna’ quit smoking. Good for you, maybe some of these links will help you along the way. – this great website has lots of ideas and help for you to quit smoking NOW.

CDC – How To Quit Smoking – loads of other links for government resources all aimed at one thing . . . yes, you’ve guessed it, helping you to quit smoking.

Smoking – National Cancer Institute – visit this website for lots of free help for quitting smoking . . . you’ll be glad that you did.

Tobacco Cessation – You Can Quit Smoking Now – don’t believe me?  Well why not click onto this website and find out how they can help you to do just that, quit smoking now.

American Cancer Society Guide to Stopping Smoking – you see, there are loads of different links and resources dedicated to quitting smoking. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but it can be done. Take a look at this website for more ideas on how to quit smoking.

American Heart Association – still not sure that quitting smoking is the right thing to do? Check out this website and find out even more reasons why you should quit smoking now.

American Lung Association – they know lots more reasons why you should quit smoking and enjoy a longer, healthier future.